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The common wolf is a large predatory mammal from the canine family. Wolves are considered one of the key species that maintain balance in the ecosystems of forests, forest-steppe, steppe and mountain regions. Scientists consider North America to be the historical homeland of the first wolves that appeared about 2 million years ago. In the process of dividing genealogical lines and their evolutionary development, changes have occurred in the structure of the organism of predators and their appearance, allowing them to move long distances and successfully hunt even rather large prey. According to the conclusions of scientists who were able to establish that, at the genetic level, wolves are the ancient ancestors of domestic dogs. Dogs, in turn, are nothing more than a subspecies of wolves. Wolves are one of the largest and most powerful representatives of this family.

The wolf is the largest canine predator. The closest relatives of wolves are the coyote and the jackal, which are also part of the wolf genus. The wolf is the ancestor of the domestic dog, which is considered by scientists as a subspecies of the wolf. Wolves form packs in which there is a clear hierarchy. A pack of wolves living near a settlement can seriously harm pets or even attack a person. The wolf has long been an enemy of man, and has been hunted for a long time. More recently, wolves could be found in different places on our planet - both in Eurasia and in America. However, due to their extermination by people, the construction of new settlements, the habitats of the beast have been significantly reduced.

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