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Starting a new life, the elves discovered places in the forest where magic was especially powerful, and they set stones there to secure and secure magic. As the elves violated the boundaries, the forest responded: primal spirits emerged from trees and stones. Few elves dared to enter the forest, and it took many years for the forest to begin to trust the elves who came to make it their home. Long ago, at the dawn of elven history, a pact was made between elves and forest spirits. Now the wood elves seem to balance on the edge of a knife between exaltation and death. Wood elves, or as they call themselves Asrai, are mysterious and secretive creatures that are rarely seen outside their home forest of Athel Loren, and therefore they are little understood by the outside world. Defending their forest kingdom, the wood elves and their allies are deadly and unforgiving. They follow a path that no one else has followed, and often appear capricious or cruel, although in truth, every atrocity they commit is always balanced by one good deed.

The elves, knowing full well that they were facing a monstrous disaster, went into the depths of the forest. The fury of the dwarfs was far more terrible than the dangers of Athel Loren. However, the unexpected happened - the forest accepted them as their own! He opened secret paths, showed mysterious places and a wide variety of hiding places, in short, let him go to almost every place that was possible, with the exception of only a few - the most hidden and most forbidden. The natural elves worship the goddess of the earth, who gave them life. From this it follows that the element of the wood elves is earth and their magic is also associated with this element. Wood elves are great healers and herbalists. They live in rather small villages in dense and impenetrable fairy-tale forests, where no mortal person can find the way. They say in such a forest everything is magical and mysterious, even plants and animals there, as if enchanted by elven magic.

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