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Why do you may need a World name

In a good book, in an exciting film or TV series, all places are interconnected, they can be schematically connected to each other with graphs and get a map of the world where our favorite heroes live. The setting is the structure of the world, that is, the organization of the space of the work in which the main events take place. Every fantasy writer comes to the question: how to create a magical world? It is very important to think over the names: the world, your characters, cities, countries, and so on. It is better that they mean something, not just an empty sound or a beautiful combination. Still, you need to adhere to good traditions that each word carries some kind of usefulness in itself.

As a child, we often come up with characters, heroes and build whole worlds out of chairs and pillows. Over time, these fantasies are forgotten. But if you still remember the stories you came up with when you were five, you might want to consider your own universe. A fictional universe or a fictional world is a structural element of a work of art that determines its ontology. Traveling to different worlds, other universes and parallel dimensions is very easy. It is enough to open a book and plunge into reading - and now we fall out of the everyday routine. There is no single recipe for creating universes. Every writer approaches this business in his own way.

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