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Why do you may need an Xbox name

Microsoft Xbox consoles have become an integral part of the gaming industry over two decades. During this time, four generations of consoles came out, making Microsoft one of the main players in this segment. As strange as it may sound, Microsoft is still a newcomer in this area compared to its competitors. Microsoft is proud of how quickly the new console allows you to switch between different activities: watching a movie changes to playing literally in one moment, and the same thing in the opposite direction.

A modern game console in terms of the complexity of the device is not inferior to most computers, pleases the user with high speed and gorgeous three-dimensional video effects. With the emergence of the most powerful smartphones, manufacturers have to constantly improve the models of consoles in the struggle for the consumer market. XBOX is needed either by people who are absolutely not interested in PlayStation exclusives, but who want to see good graphics and resolution in games, while not spending a lot of money on gaming PCs, or PS4 owners who want to play a multiplatform with graphics better than PlayStation can give out, with it also does not spend money on an expensive computer.

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