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Tabletop role-playing games (which include Dungeons & Dragons) are a special category of games for a group of several people, based on immersion in a fictional world and influencing it through the players' description of the actions of the characters they control. DnD is not a game for one person. For a decent party, you need two people who are at least a little savvy in fantasy and ready to spend the whole evening at the same table with you. If such were found, then the most difficult part was completed successfully - now you can start the game itself. The books also describe the races and classes of players calculated by the creators of the rules. Races are Dwarf, Elf, Human, Half-Orc, etc. A class is a specialization of a character, for example: bard, priest, warrior, sorcerer. The books also contain recommendations for beginners.

DND is a world of fantasy and imagination, where we all together erase the boundaries of reality, going on tests that we would never have dared to in real life. Sitting at the same table, we become characters and behave in a way that we would hardly dare to do in real life. DND is a field for experiments, where we simultaneously act as experimenters and subjects. We worry about our characters as ourselves and experience real emotions, because what is happening in this world is saturated with our boundless imagination. But the most important thing is that by playing DND, people can chat, put everyday problems aside and just have fun. In D&D and other tabletop RPGs, players take on the roles of these different characters. But the main one in the game is the host, who is also the Dungeon Master. He comes up with the plot, manipulates the minor characters, and decides how to interpret the rules. Any board role-playing game is a dialogue between the presenter and the rest of the players in a common imaginary space. The task of the master is to create a picture in the heads of the participants, and the task of the players is to tell what the heroes will do in the described circumstances.

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