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Why do you may need a Podcast name

The podcast title, along with the cover art and short description, grabs the listener's attention and defines their first impression. A good combination of these three elements will almost guarantee that your podcast will be listened to. An unsuccessful combination will reduce the chances of success to zero. In addition to the fact that you put your podcast in some kind of category, which is correct, but for beginners almost does not give a result, you need to come up with a name that can be found in a search engine. Or in the search bar on a podcast service. Consider if you can include a category or industry or industry in the title of the podcast. Have you recorded and edited your podcast, but don't know what name will make it stand out among many competitors? If you don't trust your taste and instinct yet, let's try to understand the intricacies of naming.

If you can convey the meaning of the idea in one sentence, that's good. And if in two or three words it is even better. And if these words are no more than 6-7 letters and only two words - even better. And if the title is also catchy, then it's perfect. The name of the podcast is his face, biography and purpose all rolled into one. It is the name that your first listeners will remember and pass on to friends. The whole project will be associated with him, and you yourself. Sometimes the name starts with the concept of a podcast. Sometimes it becomes the icing on the cake - the final touch to complete the look. But in any case, this is an important attribute of the project.

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