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      Abbreviation is a mysterious way of forming words. She is a fellow traveler of history. We meet very often with this way of forming words. Unfortunately, not everyone who comes across acronyms knows how they are deciphered, or even not knowing what they are. Acronim is a type of abbreviation formed by initial sounds (eg NATO, NASA). In fact, an acronym is an abbreviation word that can be pronounced together (as opposed to an abbreviation that is spelled out, for example: KGB).

      Modern English is full of abbreviations. Abbreviations are found both in everyday correspondence of friends and in official journalism. In order to better navigate the world of acronyms, it is helpful to understand what acronyms are, how they are formed, and how to use them correctly. An acronym is a variation on an acronym. Its difference is that acronyms are pronounced in one word, and not sequentially one letter at a time. The difference is also noticeable in the spelling: in abbreviations, periods can often be put between letters, acronyms exclude this. At the same time, both capital and uppercase letters are used in the spelling of words.

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