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Who are elves and what are their names

The world of fantasy introduced people to elves and other ancient races that have their own complex disposition, culture and traditions. Many literary works, films and role-playing games have captured the attention of contemporaries, so people tend to understand the names of their favorite characters, come up with meaningful game nicknames, and some even give euphonious elven names to their children. How to choose or come up with a beautiful name in the Elvish language - we will tell further.

The writer considered euphony to be the main criterion for creating a dialect. In his stories, all elven names are singular, filled with deep meaning. During their life, these fabulous creatures could have up to four names. The first two were given by the parents. The father came up with an option similar to his name. The mother often foresaw the fate of the children. The elf received the name from the parent at the age of 100. It carried in itself the predictions of the future. An apt nickname or respectful title to the elf was given by those around him. He chose the fourth name himself. The nickname was awarded for special talents, distinctive features of appearance. Each elven name consists of a prefix and one or more suffixes. The Elven Name Generator has been designed to help simplify this task. It does not, of course, contain all the existing variations for a race as old and diverse as the elves, but on the other hand, this list can serve as a starting point for creating a large and consistent list of elven names.

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