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Scrabble is one of the most popular board games

Players place chips with letters on the field so that new words are formed. The main condition is to comply with the principle of the crossword puzzle: each new word must use at least one letter set on the field before it, and at the same time not merge with the rest of the words. Each word brings points, which are added up at the end of the game and determine the winner. With the help of this section of our site, you can compose words from certain letters, pick up anagrams or find words in a word. Anagram is a technique, the essence of which is to rearrange the letters of a word, which results in a completely different word. Most often, anagrams are used for the development and testing of intelligence, for example, in developing online simulators and IQ tests.

How is the cost of a word calculated? Each letter of the alphabet has its own price, there are also certain cells on the playing field that will multiply the points of your letter placed there. Thus, in Scrabble it is important not only to compose a word from the available letters, but also to place it correctly, to think over a strategy for filling in the field and how to prevent rivals from gaining additional advantages. Anagrams are used to encrypt the answer to a quiz question (charade, crossword puzzle, etc.).

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