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Who are the Wu Tang Clan and what were their names

It's no secret that the name in our life is of great importance! And when you are doing what you love, creativity, creating a certain image for yourself, and around you - the appropriate atmosphere, then every detail is of great importance! Especially if you rap. Any rapper has a nickname. Nicknames for rap, in order for a person to be remembered, should be short enough, easy to read, understandable, appropriate to the image. A rapper's nickname is an important part of the image. But how to choose such a nickname so that it is sonorous, not long and has at least some meaning? Find inspiration on the list on this page, because you don't have to copy it, you can use the design idea!

Do you love rap or have you decided to become a rapper yourself? Get creative and choose a nickname that works for you. You can use it both on stage and in various applications, social networks, computer games. In music, most performers have a nickname or a specially invented pseudonym. Rap was no exception. Every future rapper needs a good name - a name that reflects their very essence. Or not. In fact, most rappers have pretty simple, sometimes even weird, names. This Wu Tang Clan name generator will give you what you are looking for! Repeat the quiz to get more great rap names!

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