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What is a fictional character and how to come up with a name for him

Sooner or later, this problem is faced by anyone who takes up a pen. Especially if he is a visitor to other worlds. I think it is not worth describing either the importance of choice for the work, or the author's fears, how the name will be perceived by the reader, and whether he will understand the additional meaning inherent in it. Most likely, the authors will agree that finding a name is a very serious task to implement. And the fact that this is intuitively easy for some, but for others it is an insurmountable problem, is also known to many. Tired of going through the same type of names for the heroes of your stories? It seems that you are returning to the same trivial options over and over again? Here are some ways to come up with interesting, unusual names.

One of the options is to take the keyboard. Better to take with buttons, because you feel like pressing on different letters. Close your eyes and press all the buttons in a row in no particular order. You can use the first name as the last name. Since first and last names usually sound very different, breaking this rule will help your character stand out a little from others. Examples of such a rotation are options: Anna Joey, Robert Gideon, Paul Michael. This subtle technique is best suited for describing events that unfold in a place and time close to the author.

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