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How do you make cursed font texts

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Select the appropriate options and settings as needed

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Type or paste your text in the appropriate field

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How to choose a random letter from the alphabet

I have seen strangely formatted text called Zalgo, as shown below, written in various forums. It's a little annoying, but it really bothers me because it undermines my idea of what a character should be. I understand that the character has to move horizontally across the line and stay in a specific container. Obviously, the Zalgo text moves vertically and doesn't seem to be constrained by any space. By itself, ZALGO text is a series of repeated superscript characters one after another. This functionality was added to Unicode in order to display Arabic, German and Sino-Japanese alphabets, so there is no visible protection against this phenomenon. And the only way to combat spammers using this, if I may say so, vulnerability is manual moderation and a ban..

Not so long ago, another wave of schoolchildren ran into the websites of webmasters, who spammed in the comments brain-carrying, breaking the layout, text. This text is also called ZALGO. I had to promptly look for a cure for this scourge. This generator adds symbols to the top, bottom and middle of the text. The middle is not recommended, as some browsers and systems are not so good in handling characters and will turn some letters into squares, and you probably do not want other people to see your text in this way.

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