XML to CSV Converter

Easily convert XML files to CSV format


How to convert XML to CSV

Step 1

Enter or paste XML text in the first field. In some cases, you can also upload an XML file.

Step 2

Click on the convert button and check the result. If the source is correct, the conversion will be successful.

Step 3

You can copy the resulting CSV, or if you prefer, you can download it as a CSV file.

What is XML and what is CSV

Many personal computer users often have a question: What is this XML file format? XML is a special text markup language that is extensible. It is based on a very comfortable, convenient and readable syntax for both users and PCs. XML is a textual format for storing structured data (instead of existing database files), for exchanging information between programs, and for creating more specialized markup languages (for example, XHTML), sometimes called dictionaries, based on it. The main thing to understand is that XML is just a text file that is structured in one way or another for exchange between programs. Databases, application settings, data of software packages and other information can be stored inside a file with this extension. Such documents are widespread among users, so the question of how to open XML arises quite often.

CSV (Comma-Separated Values) is a text format file for displaying tabular data. In this case, the columns are separated by a comma and a semicolon. We will find out with which applications you can open this format. CSV is a popular file extension that is mainly used to exchange data between various computer programs. Most often, there is no need to open and edit such documents. However, in some cases, users may be faced with such a task. Excel allows you to do this, but unlike standard XLS and XLSX files, a simple double-click opening of a document does not always give a high-quality result, which may result in incorrect display of information. This format was created in 2005 and replaced the standard tables. This format is used now to fill the table document with various data. But sometimes errors occur while working with this format, which inevitably lead to the loss of text or numbers.

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