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7 rules for choosing the correct name for a planet

Even in despicable fantasy worlds must be named somehow. It is clear that those authors who are smarter with the lips of heroes call any world the Earth and any sun the Sun, but even they have to come up with names for the worlds when someone arrives there from the real Earth, or describes a different interaction of several worlds with each other. A planet is any body in orbit around the Sun, which turned out to be massive enough to acquire a spherical shape, but not massive enough to start thermonuclear fusion, and which managed to clear the vicinity of its orbit of planetesimals.

Planets are real and imaginary. A fictional planet can be called whatever you like, but, at least for the sake of the illusion of certainty, it makes sense to adhere to the rules adopted in astronomy for naming celestial bodies. An unusual document has appeared on the website of the International Astronomical Union (IAS). For the first time in history, he describes the procedure by which the names of celestial bodies - planets, satellites of planets, asteroids - can be proposed not by pioneering astronomers, but by the public. Previously, there was no official way to name an asteroid or crater on the Moon by your own name or, for example, by the name of your favorite movie hero, although some scammers offered such a service.

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