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How do you generate hashtags

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Select the appropriate options and settings as needed

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How to find the right hashtags

A hashtag is a tag in a publication that helps to find all publications on a given topic within one social network or site. In this case, a word or a group of words are marked with a special symbol - a lattice. For the first time, such a practice was introduced on Twitter. Nowadays, hashtags are widely used by other social social networks - Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram. A hashtag is a keyword preceded by a hash. Exactly one word, no spaces are put.

A hashtag is a hash sign # followed by any word. The combination of a hash and a word (or words without spaces) has such an effect that the combination automatically turns into a link. If you click on the hashtag-link, a selection of all messages (both yours and those of others) that contains this hashtag will open. Or you can enter a hashtag into a search, for example, in a search bar on a social network, after which all posts with that hashtag will be found.

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