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Who are demons and what can they be called

I am writing a story, sometimes it is difficult with names, in some cases transliteration from English of a word helps out, or a generator of fantasy names. But now we need to take the name more seriously, since it will then be used constantly. You need a name for a cunning and cunning demon. Demons are fallen angels, immortal powerful spirits serving the Prince of Darkness - the Devil, Satan. The names of the demons play a key role when calling them - the sorcerer must know, based on the desires of the person, how the spirit will help him.

Mysterious things have always attracted people. One can believe in mysticism and notice at every step, or, on the contrary, not see the otherworldly, even if it is very close. However, the topic of mysticism is often raised, such as demons. Even realists, laughing at the unknown, know who they are, and when different thoughts come into their heads at night, one can wonder, what if they really exist? It will not be possible to find reliable facts that were supported by the photo, but you can study this interesting topic.

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