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Who are the gnomes and what are they called

All Free Peoples also have an ancestry that determines which area of Middle-earth a given character is from. The choice of origin will determine his name and the area in which you begin your journey through the world of Tolkien. When you select a name, you will see a description of the selected origin and a list of roots, prefixes and suffixes that the race you have chosen uses in its names. All this ends with a list of example names so that novice players have something to focus on.

Dwarves prefer short, simple names that sound in a Scandinavian manner. Some gnomes have compound names, where meaningful words merge with traditional endings or, again, meaningful words: Skorgrim, Einskaldr. Gnomes are popular characters in fantasy games. They are depicted in different ways, but always with a long beard and with working tools. Their height is from 1 meter to 1.5 meters. Essentially normal growth that is common among humans. In Abkhazia there are many legends in which there are creatures so small that they cannot be seen through the grass. Gnomes live in communities and they even have women, their wives. They have short limbs, a rounded body. They even have beards that they shave off or braid.

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