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How to convert RTF to PDF

Step 1

Upload the file in the RTF format using the button or simply drag and drop the file to the site page.

Step 2

Start the conversion by clicking on the corresponding button and wait for the conversion to finish.

Step 3

Download the resulting PDF file to your computer or phone. Don't forget to tell your friends about us.

What is RTF and what is PDF

What is an RTF file? Rich Text Format from Microsoft Corporation, supported by many operating system versions and text editors. These are text documents, popular computer word processing applications are used to create, as well as to open, edit, modify. RTF is a text format that is more advanced than regular TXT. The goal of the developers was to create a format that is easy to read documents and e-books. This was achieved thanks to the introduction of support for meta tags. If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, then the RTF content can be displayed without problems using the word processor Word. It differs from a plain text file in that it can contain formatting such as bold and italic, as well as various fonts, sizes, and images. RTF files are useful because many programs support them. This means that you can create an RTF file in one program on a specific operating system, such as macOS, and then open the same RTF file in Windows or Linux, and it will look basically the same.

PDF helps to keep all colors, fonts and images in their original form, but it can also contain interactive elements (for example, links or videos). As a rule, this extension can sell books, magazines, other periodicals, store contracts and reports. If you are creating websites, working with clients via the Internet or thinking about writing your own literary work, then sooner or later, you will have to deal with PDF. PDF files are displayed the same on all computers and can be password protected from unauthorized actions. You have probably come across such a file format as PDF more than once, because it is very popular, and it is used by millions of people around the world. Perhaps you work with this format every day, or sometimes read books with it, or even try to bypass the PDF side, because you do not know how to work with it.

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