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Enter a binary number such as 01000101 in the next field and click the Convert button.

How to convert binary to ASCII

Step 1

Enter or paste your number in binary format in the first field

Step 2

Click the button to convert the number format to the ASCII text

Step 3

Now you can copy or download the resulting text in ASCII format

What is binary and what is ASCII

In everyday life, we use the decimal number system, which consists of only ten digits from 0 to 9, and all other numbers are a combination of these numbers. This combination is called the positional system. Number systems can also be viewed as formal languages. So, the decimal number system is a language whose alphabet consists of ten digits 0..9, the binary number system is a language whose alphabet consists of two numbers - 0 and 1. Technically, it would be very difficult to make a computer that would “understand »Decimal numbers. But making a computer that understands binary numbers is easy enough. A binary number operates with only two digits - 0 and 1. It is not difficult to compare two states with these digits - off and on (no voltage - there is voltage). A processor is a multi-pin chip. If we assume that the absence of voltage at the pin is 0 (zero), and the presence of voltage at the pin is 1, then each pin can work with one binary digit.

The basis for computer character encoding standards was the ASCII code - the American standard code for information exchange, developed in the 1960s in the United States and used for any, including non-computer, methods of transmitting information (telegraph, facsimile, etc). Codes 0 through 1F are control characters that are not printed. Many non-printable ASCII characters are needed to transfer data. For example, a message can consist of the SOH header start character, the header itself and the STX text start character, the text itself and the ETX end-of-text character, and the end-of-transmission character EOT. However, data on the network is transmitted in packets, which are themselves responsible for the beginning and end of transmission. So non-printable characters are almost never used.

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