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How to count sentences in the text

Step 1

Paste or input the text into the first window

Step 2

Make all the necessary settings and click on the button

Step 3

Now you can view and check the resulting numbers

Ways to count sentences in text

An online calculator will help you calculate the number of sentences in the text. Enter the text and the calculator will determine how many sentences there are. Sentences are separated from each other by punctuation marks - period, ellipsis, exclamation or question marks. For the correct counting of sentences in the text, punctuation marks and spaces between sentences are required. Using this online service, you can count the number of characters, words and lines. Determination of the length of the given text is performed both with spaces and without spaces. The result of the automatic counting of characters (letters, special characters, numbers, punctuation marks), as well as the total number of individual words and lines, you can see right under the input form.

Online program for counting lines in text or text code. You can also count the number of items in different lists. The character calculator on this page will allow you to quickly and free of charge count the characters in the text, determine the number of characters without spaces, count the number of words, and also find out how many sentences are in the text. Who might need an online service to count the number of characters in a text? The character calculator is an indispensable tool for copywriters, webmasters, SEOs, media buyers, as well as for people not related to Internet marketing and SEO, for example, for teachers, students and schoolchildren.

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