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QR codes are changing our lives

Modern inventions have long made our life much easier in many ways. Today we will look at what a QR code is and what you can do with it in the everyday life of ordinary people. Today you can stumble upon a pattern of black and white squares in the most anticipated and unexpected places. In order to understand how to use a QR code, you need to know what this technology is, why it is needed and what conveniences it offers to users. How to open encrypted information that such a barcode carries, what is needed for this and what requirements a mobile gadget must meet.

You may ask: why is it necessary to encode information in an incomprehensible form? There are simple letters and numbers, isn't it easier? Differentiated tasks require different ways of presenting information. Let's take a standard barcode that each of us is used to. Barcode allows you to encode information in certain graphic symbols. And it makes it possible to quickly read this information using special scanners. QR codes have high readability - one or two errors in the printed image will not affect the receipt of information in the future. Despite the fact that more than twenty years have passed since its creation, it became popular only after the widespread distribution of tablets and smartphones.

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