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What is a team and how is it created

Agree, before making a team, it is important at the very beginning to define for yourself what a team is. What we build in the end also depends on this. A team is a small group of people engaged in a specific task. At the same time, the group members have a personal interest in the success of the entire group. As humans, we have talked about teams all our lives. We start with teams playing soccer and baseball at four or five, and our team never ends. Schools have sports teams, math teams, and debates. We select the college and professional sports teams that we follow faithfully.

In accordance with the terminology accepted in anthropological sciences, a sports team is a so-called small group. In team sports, the coach is faced with the task of creating a good team - a close-knit efficient team of players. Obviously, the processes of interaction between players in group activities have their own laws. Collecting all the stars of a given sport into one team does not in itself guarantee that this team will become a good team. Close-knit teamwork is an important factor in achieving success in any sport. It has many advantages, because in a friendly team each member of the team can offer his own strategy, share his experience or idea. In such a team there is always a friendly atmosphere, understanding and trust that help each athlete to work one hundred percent.

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