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    How to count words in the text

    Step 1

    Paste or input the text into the first window

    Step 2

    Make all the necessary settings and click on the button

    Step 3

    Now you can view and check the resulting numbers

    Ways to count words in text

    With this online service, you can determine the number of words in the text, as well as the number of characters with and without spaces. This is a free online calculator that will calculate the number of words in your text. Writers creating new masterpieces; students working on abstracts; keyboard workers and just curious! You can safely use this program to count words in your text. Our online calculator comes in handy for database creation, grammar research, translations, dictionaries, copywriting and more. It is enough to enter or copy the text into the text field and you will instantly know how many letters there are.

    The calculator calculates the number of words in the given text. Can be used to roughly estimate the cost of a translation. Suitable for word counting in software resources. The calculator counts the number of characters, words and lines in the given text. You can set the minimum number of characters in a word, exclude specified words from the count, do not count words consisting entirely of numbers. With this online service, you can count the number of words, letters, printed characters and find out how many characters are in the text. Measurement of text length is performed with and without spaces. As you can see, in order to count the number of characters in the printed text, you do not need to poke your fingers into the monitor and count manually (there have been such cases). It is enough to enter or copy the text into the text field and you will instantly find out how many letters and other symbols are in it.

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