XML to JSON Converter

Easily convert XML files to JSON format

How to convert XML to JSON

Step 1

Enter or paste XML text in the first field. In some cases, you can also upload an XML file.

Step 2

Click on the convert button and check the result. If the source is correct, the conversion will be successful.

Step 3

You can copy the resulting JSON, or if you prefer, you can download it as a JSON file.

What is XML and what is JSON

XML is a markup language. With the help of it, users group, structure data, which is presented in the form of plain text or a table. To create a structure (hierarchy), a self-written syntax is used - tags. They are invented by the author of the document. XML documents run in any text editors, browsers, as well as in special online services. XML-format is intended for storing data that can be useful in the work of some programs, sites and support for certain markup languages. It is not difficult to create and open a file with this format. This can be done even if the computer does not have any specialized software installed. XML is not tied to any programming language, operating system, or software vendor. XML provides access to a myriad of technologies for manipulating, structuring, transforming, and querying data. Unlike an HTML file, which is a structured document with predefined tags, XML is a document that acts as a container for storing data that can be used by other software.

People who are familiar with programming will immediately recognize files with the JSON extension. This format is an abbreviation of JavaScript Object Notation and is essentially a textual version of the data exchange used in the JavaScript programming language. Accordingly, either specialized software or text editors will help to cope with the opening of such files. JSON is a format that stores structured information and is mainly used to transfer data between server and client. The JSON file is a simpler and lighter alternative to an extension with similar features to XML (Extensive Markup Language). Developers use JSON to work with AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). These formats work well together to achieve asynchronous loading of stored data, which means that a website can update its information without refreshing the page. The .JSON file format is a core element of Java, its main features are the standard communication organization used for writing using simple information and content structures.

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