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What is text and what is binary

One of the signs of people is the ability to communicate and express thoughts using sounds, which in ancient times led to the emergence of oral speech (language). Actually, many animals are able to make sounds that have a certain meaning, but people have a whole system of signs called words. A text is a group of sentences that are united by one thought and topic. Sentences in the text can be linked both lexically and grammatically. The topic of the text is what the text says, that is, the subject of speech. Often the topic of a text is reflected in its title. The main, or main, idea of the text is what the author wanted to tell the readers, for the sake of which he wrote this text. The main idea of the text most often conveys the author's assessment of the subject of speech. The text is usually divided into parts called paragraphs, each paragraph is separated from the other, since it contains its own micro theme.

The binary number system is a positional number system with an integer base 2. In this number system, numbers are written using two characters (which are usually the numbers 0 and 1). In everyday life, we are accustomed to using the base 10 decimal notation system for numbers. That is, to write numbers we have ten characters from 0 to 9, and the place of each character (position) indicates its weight - units, tens, hundreds, etc. In the binary number system, everything is arranged in a similar way, only for writing numbers we have only two characters - 0 and 1. Due to the fact that we have only two characters to write a number (0 and 1), it has found wide application in electronic devices and computing. Despite numerous attempts to use analog devices for computing, systems with ternary logic (ternary number system with the characters 0, 1 and 2), systems with binary logic currently occupy a dominant position. However, with the advent of quantum computing, the situation is likely to change.

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