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How do you generate an invoice

Step 1

Select the appropriate options and settings as needed

Step 2

Click on the button to generate the invoice

Step 3

Copy the result or save it for later use

Why is invoicing invented?

In business practice, there is an extremely frequent use of invoices for payment, although they are not mandatory documents for settlements. The invoice for payment is needed in order to notify the client's accounting department that their supplier has expectations to transfer funds in payment for the goods, works or services specified in the invoice. An invoice for payment is a document that absolutely all entrepreneurs use in their work, regardless of the level at which they work and what area of business they belong to. As a rule, an invoice for payment is issued after the conclusion of a written agreement between the parties, as an addition to it, but sometimes it can also be issued as an independent document.

An invoice for payment is the intention of one party to receive payment for a transaction from the other party. To issue an invoice means to notify the counterparty about the need to make a payment. It is not a primary accounting document. It is important to understand this for all individual entrepreneurs and managers of the LLC, regardless of whether they have a person responsible for accounting or not. By itself, this invoice does not reflect the fact of business activity and does not confirm a payment obligation. It is not reflected in accounting.

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