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Who are dragons and how can they be called

Dragons are found in Asian, European, Indian, Japanese, Slavic and Scandinavian mythology. In addition, many of them live in literary works, computer games and films. Surely many have encountered a problem - I can not think of a name for the dragon? Why not help each other with this by sharing your options for names and colors? Names are part of the culture; they don't exist on their own. An ordinary person can give a name to a dragon, or maybe dragons have their own culture, and therefore their names sound unusual for people. Therefore, it all depends on what kind of dragon it is, where it is (in a fantastic story, in a computer game, or is it a spiritual guardian for a real person) and who will name it.

When a child has a new toy, he wants to give his new toy companion his own name. The toy dragon can be called by completely different names. The dragon is a symbol of the divine and at the same time fabulous world, a snake with spiritual qualities, which combines the lower and upper worlds. In all cultures, its symbolism is understood in different ways, but it always personifies an unprecedented bestial power, which can only be defeated by the strongest in the world. At the same time, he is also a symbol of wealth and glory - such symbolism is vividly depicted in fairy tales, where a brave knight, after defeating a dragon, gains wealth and glory.

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