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On this page we have compiled a table of small letters. These letters are not just copies of ordinary letters reduced in font or styles. These are individual Unicode characters that have their own number in the encoding table and their purpose. The letters that are written above the main line are called superscript, or superscript. And the letters that are written lower than the main text are called a subscript or subscript. Both, along with the symbols of small numbers, are mainly used to write mathematical and chemical formulas. Therefore, if you often work with formulas, we recommend that you bookmark this page.

Unicode is awesome! Prior to its introduction, international communication was grueling: everyone defined their own extended character set in the upper half of ASCII (called code pages). This gave rise to conflicts. Just think that the Germans had to negotiate with the Koreans where whose codepage is. In typography, small caps are uppercase characters, but the same size as lowercase (small) letters or text shapes. Used in running text to avoid large headwords on the page, and as a method to highlight text together, instead of italics, or when bold is inappropriate.

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