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How cities are named

There are cities that hide from the gaze of reality far beyond the bounds of time and space; cities created not by people, but by exuberant imagination. With this generator, you can get the names of cities and other settlements in different styles. Somewhere on Earth, mysterious places shrouded in myths and legends may be hidden from us. Nobody was there, but they talk a lot about them. Nobody saw them, but a lot is known about how they look. But scientists, nevertheless, discovered some mythical cities.

Since the dawn of fiction, writers have loved to create their own cities. This was done by Plato, Jonathan Swift, Italo Calvino, Angela Carter - they all had a hand in creating fictional cities. Architecture, atmosphere, customs - all this is radically different from what we are used to. In addition to the attractive and mesmerizing cities, the list also contains several eerie cities that are completely unsuitable (and even dangerous) for living, which does not at all implore their frightening beauty and mystery. The site itself is extremely simple - choose the size of your settlement, press the generation and now your city is ready with squares, fountains, indicating the functions of objects and quarters.

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