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7 rules for choosing a good brand name

How to come up with a brand name and what rules should be followed. Basic naming principles, examples of successful brand names in different types of business. A brand name is a word or phrase that should be relevant to the type of activity of the organization using the name. This statement is very common among various branding agencies. However, this is not always the case. And why - We will try to figure it out today. In the early stages of a business, many do not think about the brand - the name of the product or the logo of the company. First, they look for a place in the market and develop a client base. But with the development of the business, the brand also develops: money and energy are invested in promotion so that the company and the product are recognized.

When creating a business, you need to think through every step in order to get the desired result. Each stage is important, but the choice of a company name is certainly one of the main ones. Often, this selection takes a lot of time and effort. Carelessness in choosing a company or project name is one of the most common mistakes aspiring entrepreneurs make. As a result, non-unique and inappropriate names appear, which become a target for wit and a headache for owners. Of course, you can change the name. But rebranding requires a significant investment of time and money.

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