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Enter or paste your morse code in the first field

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Remember to separate individual characters with a space character

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You can also translate in the opposite direction

Who, when and why invented the Morse code

Morse code is a type of text encryption. Morse code was invented in 1838 by an American inventor and artist named Samuel Finley Breeze Morse. Morse code began to be used to transmit telegraph codes. Important - since letter prefixes are repeated in Morse code, separate letters when typing with spaces, because * and ** are different characters. You can use a dot instead of an asterisk. Two spaces, or a new line, is interpreted as a word boundary. That is, for readability, separate words with more than one space or newline. Our online Morse code translator will help you determine how to spell words and numbers in Morse code. To generate Morse code, enter a word and click translate.

Online Morse code translator that allows you to encrypt a word, number or phrase in English. It will also help to perform reverse translation and decrypt the Morse code. One of the advantages of this converter is that it is possible to listen to the resulting Morse signal. In the modern world, Morse code has ceased to be used often, but sometimes Morse code is still used in wireless networks, in aviation, in the environment of radio amateurs and as an assistive technology for people with disabilities, as it is the most reliable system.

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