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Surnames are their purpose in our life

Absolutely all people understand what a surname is. But not everyone knows its history and origins. There are also several meanings of this concept. In the article, we will consider all the details and devote the reader to when the names and meaning of this concept appeared. Surname is a hereditary generic name indicating that a person belongs to the same genus, leading from a common ancestor, or, in a narrower sense, to one family. The surname consists primarily of a root stem (which has or has had any lexical meaning in the past), but can also include prefixes, suffixes and endings.

Historically, in almost every country a person necessarily has both a first and a surname. If the first is given arbitrarily at birth, then the second is always inherited from the clan of the father or mother. In the modern world, the child more often inherits this part of the naming from the father than from the mother. In many ways, this phenomenon is the legacy of a patriarchal society, when the father was the head of the family and the breadwinner. Nowadays, it is difficult to meet a person who is not interested in the origin, meaning and energy of his surname. After all, a surname can tell a lot of interesting things, ranging from nationality, origin and profession of ancestors - to the main program of the family. In a sense, the surname is the heritage of the ancestors, which a person carries through his whole life and passes on to his children. It connects all members of the genus in several generations with a certain program.

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