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How to translate binary

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What is binary and how to decode it

Any information in a computer is represented in the form of binary codes. Computers use a binary system because it has a number of advantages over other systems: for its implementation, technical devices with two stable states are needed (there is current - no current, magnetized - not magnetized, etc.), and not, for example, with ten , - as in decimal; implementing elements with ten distinctly different states is difficult. Historically, computing technology is built on the basis of binary digital devices: logic gates, triggers, counters. presentation of information by means of only two states is reliable and noise-resistant; it is possible to use the apparatus of Boolean algebra to perform logical transformations of information; binary arithmetic is much simpler than decimal.

We come across a binary number system when studying computer disciplines. After all, it is on the basis of this system that the processor and some types of encryption are built. There are special algorithms for writing a decimal number in binary and vice versa. If you know the principle of building a system, it will be easy to operate in it. The binary number system is built using two digits: zero and one. Why exactly these numbers? This is due to the principle of constructing signals that are used in the operation of the processor. At the lowest level, the signal takes on only two values: false and true. Therefore, it was accepted that the absence of a signal, a lie, was denoted by zero, and its presence, truth, by one. This combination is technically easy to implement. Binary numbers are formed in the same way as decimal numbers. When the discharge reaches its upper limit, it is reset to zero and a new discharge is added. According to this principle, the transition through the ten in the decimal system is carried out. Thus, numbers are composed of combinations of zeros and ones, and this combination is called the binary number system.

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