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How to convert PDF to DOCX

Step 1

Upload the file in the PDF format using the button or simply drag and drop the file to the site page.

Step 2

Start the conversion by clicking on the corresponding button and wait for the conversion to finish.

Step 3

Download the resulting DOCX file to your computer or phone. Don't forget to tell your friends about us.

What is PDF and what is DOCX

PDF was created by Adobe in the 1990s to serve two purposes. First, people should be able to open documents on any hardware or operating system, without having to have an application used to create it - which is what most browsers can handle these days. Secondly, wherever the PDF will be opened, the document layout should look the same. We often need to create a new PDF file or edit an existing one: for example, you need to create a PDF report from scratch, combine scanned copies of documents for sending, or edit the text of a finished PDF document. If you're just getting started with PDF, it can be challenging to choose the PDF software that best suits your needs.

A Word document is text, tables, graphics, and other elements that appear in the text field of Word pages. The document can be saved in various formats. Word developers used the following save format (.docx) - Microsoft Office Open XML, it is based on XML (from English eXtensible Markup Language - extensible markup language). This language is designed to store structured data, exchange information between programs, and create more specialized markup languages based on it. A DOCX file is a text document that, until recently, could only be created and modified using the Microsoft Office Word program. Previously, DOCX files included only formatted text, but progress does not stand still, and therefore today various built-in objects can be added to them, such as tables, graphs, multimedia.

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