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How do you make a glitch font text

Step 1

Select the appropriate options and settings as needed

Step 2

Type or paste your text in the appropriate field

Step 3

Copy the result or save it for later use

Where to get glitch and zalgo fonts

Zalgo is a creepypasta character who first appeared in the 2004 revamped Nancy and Archie comics. The creepypastas are almost always about the fact that Zalgo is close, he is already almost here, he is walking. He comes is generally a key phrase in all forces about Zalgo. Moreover, the further the text goes, the more it deforms and the more strange characters appear in it, crawling onto adjacent lines. This deformed text is now called Zalgo text. Let's talk about him.

This is Zalgo - an imageboard meme that appeared in April 2009. It is a way of spoiling pictures and text. This is done simply: any content is refined with something contrasting and unpleasant, for example, such as a dark background, bloody eyes, slippery tentacles, unknown garbage. To spoil the text, you need a special generator. The service is very easy to use. Enter text in the top box and it will automatically be converted to Zalgo text in the bottom box. There are additional settings. You can adjust the degree of Zalgoization (from minimum to maximum). And you can also configure where exactly to add Zalgo. You can add at the bottom, top, center - both individually and all together.

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