Find and Replace Text

Easily find and replace text online and free

Case sensitive
Replace only full word matches

How to find a replace words in the text

Step 1

Paste the original text into the first window

Step 2

In the following fields, insert your search and replace words

Step 3

After pressing the button, the replacement will be made in accordance with the settings

Finding and replacing text in text editors

When editing large amounts of text, it becomes necessary to find and replace text in Anytexteditor. For such cases, you can use the Replace button. Before experimenting with text, create a copy of the file. So that later it would not be excruciatingly painful for the ditched many days of work. Make it a rule to do all experiments on copies. Find and replace text not only speeds up the editing process, but can also be useful when finding and replacing certain formatting options, special characters, and other objects in your document.

In the case when you have to work with a large document, finding a specific word or phrase can be difficult and time-consuming. Anytexteditor allows you to automatically search the document and quickly replace words and phrases using the Find and Replace tool. If the search text is present in the document, it will be highlighted in yellow and a preview of the results will appear in the Navigation pane. A free tool for bulk search for words or phrases in the text - replace, delete or simply highlight the desired element in the array.

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