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Enter a binary number such as 01000101 in the next field and click the Convert button.


How to convert binary to hex

Step 1

Enter or paste your number in binary format in the first field

Step 2

Click the button to convert the number format to another one

Step 3

Now you can copy or download the resulting number in hexadecimal format

What is Binary and what is Hex

Binary system is one of the types of positional number systems. The base of this system is two, that is, only two characters are used to write numbers. The alphabet of the binary number system consists of only two characters: 0 and 1. However, this does not complicate the performance of arithmetic operations at all. In addition, the binary system is the most convenient for quick translation into other number systems. In the binary system, there is also the concept of negative numbers. And in order to carry out any operation with them in binary code, it is necessary to represent it in the form of an additional code. In this case, the writing of a positive number does not change for any of the codes. Information in a computer is processed in digital format, in the form of a set of zeros and ones, so all numbers are converted to binary form. The number system in which only two digits are used to represent numbers is called binary. The method of representing numbers in binary format is studied in the 8th grade computer science course.

So, the hexadecimal number system, as the name implies, is based on the number 16. Why is that? The point is that a unit of information in computer science is a bit. Eight bits form a byte. Also in the information environment, there is such a concept as a machine word - this is the minimum unit of data, which is sixteen bits, that is, two bytes. It is believed that a machine word is the minimum value of the bitness of the processor registers at which it is possible to work with a computer. So, as we know, the computer runs on binary code. However, if you have ever converted numbers from binary to decimal, you have noticed that there are quite a few digits in it, especially when translating large numbers.

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