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How to convert ASCII to Binary

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Enter or paste your text in ASCII format in the first field

Step 2

Click the button to convert the text format to binary number

Step 3

Now you can copy or download the resulting number in binary format

What is ASCII and what is binary

The first encoding tables created in the United States did not use the eighth bit in a byte. The text was presented as a sequence of bytes, but the eighth bit was not taken into account (it was used for service purposes). The ASCII table (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) has become a generally accepted standard. The first 32 ASCII characters (00 to 1F) were used for non-printable characters. They were designed to control a printing device and the like. The rest - from 20 to 7F - are normal (printable) characters. This encoding is used to represent the Latin and national alphabets, punctuation marks, numbers and control characters.

In non-positional number systems, the value that it denotes does not depend on the position of the digit in the number record. An example of a non-positional number system is the Roman system, which uses Latin letters as numbers. The binary number system is a positional number system with base 2. Due to its direct implementation in digital electronic circuits on logic gates, the binary system is used in almost all modern computers and other computing electronic devices. The shortest number system is binary. It is completely based on the positional notation of a number. The main characteristic is the principle of doubling the number when performing the transition from a certain position to the next. From one number system to another, you can make a transfer using a special program or manually.

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