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How Japanese names are created

Traditionally, beautiful Japanese names consist of several parts, which include the person's last name and personal name. This practice is very common in many Asian countries. As a rule, when writing Japanese names, kanji is used, the pronunciation of which can vary depending on the case. On this site you can find the most beautiful, in our opinion, Japanese names and their meanings. In Japan, the tradition of inventing names is widespread. For these purposes, you can use any permitted hieroglyphs. Therefore, there are a lot of Japanese names. Another feature of Japanese names is the difficulty of reading them. The same components can be written in different hieroglyphs. Therefore, often only the owner himself knows how to correctly read his name..

Japanese names are made up of a surname followed by a given first name, and Japanese names are usually written in hieroglyphs. However, parents may also occasionally use the Japanese syllabary hiragana and katakana to write their children's names. Moreover, in 1985, the list of officially allowed characters for writing Japanese names was expanded and now you can use Latin characters (romanji), hentaiganu, manyoganu (syllabic alphabets), as well as special characters and symbols like *% $ ^ and the like. In communicating simply by name, the Japanese rarely address each other, even if people are in very close, informal relationships - lovers, family members, very close friends, including in an informal setting.

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