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Enter a binary number such as 01000101 in the next field and click the Convert button.


How to convert binary to decimal

Step 1

Enter or paste your number in binary format in the first field

Step 2

Click the button to convert the number format to another one

Step 3

Now you can copy or download the resulting number in decimal format

What is Binary and what is Decimal

In order to convert an integer decimal number to a binary number system, you need to divide the decimal number by 2 until the incomplete quotient is equal to zero. The result will be the number of division remainders written from right to left. Everyone has heard something about the binary number system, everyone knows that this is a kind of computer language. But why is it so? Why not use the familiar decimal system? What, exactly, is the point? What is a binary system? This is a positional number system with base 2. But there are no numbers two in it, there are only 0 and 1, and since there are two numbers, the system is called binary (binary). Modern digital language, these are zeros and ones, and nothing else is needed. Most interestingly, the so-called machine code was used by people long before the appearance of the machines themselves.

A number system is a way of writing numbers using specific signs. Decimal notation: base -10. The most widespread system used worldwide. It contains numbers from 0 to 9. First, let's part with the idea that there is something special about the number 10. It is not surprising that in most civilizations number systems have developed based on the number 10 (or 5). Since ancient times, people have counted on their fingers. If a human individual had eight or twelve fingers, then all counting systems would be slightly different. That is why the base 10 number system, also called decimal, is completely arbitrary. We attach a truly magical meaning to a dozen numbers and have come up with special names for it. Ten days form a decade, ten decades - a century, ten centuries - a millennium. A thousand thousand is a million, a thousand million is a billion. All of these numbers are powers of 10.

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