Capitalized Case Converter

Easily make first letters of each word uppercase

How to convert text to capitalized case

Step 1

Paste or enter your text in the first field

Step 2

Click on the corresponding button to perform the case change

Step 3

In the second field, you will see the text changed to capitalized case

When to capitalize each word

Uppercase letters are letters that are enlarged relative to lowercase letters. They often even look different. In many languages, they are used at the beginning of the first word of a sentence, at the beginning of their own names or nouns, often at the beginning of each line of a poetic text. Capital letters are often used for emphasis. So, for example, in headings, words or whole phrases can only consist of capital letters.

Uppercase letters are uppercase letters that are larger than lowercase letters. In Russian, uppercase or lowercase letters are used in different words and situations. First of all, sentences, paragraphs begin with these letters. In addition, it is imperative to write proper names with a capital letter, including the names of mythological creatures and animal nicknames - Barsik the cat, Kesha the parrot, Aphrodite, the goddess of love. We also write geographic names only with a capital letter. Astronomical names should also be written with capital letters - the planet Saturn, the constellation of Scorpio.

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