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How to edit HTML file

Step 1

In the first window, paste and edit your HTML code

Step 2

In the second window, paste and edit your CSS code

Step 3

In the third window, paste and edit your JS code

What is HTML and how to edit it

An HTML editor is the first thing you need to start creating web pages using HTML and CSS. There are many free HTML editors out there, and choosing one can be a daunting task. HTML is quite simple and therefore you can start working with your web pages using a simple text editor such as Notepad, WordPad or whatever. You can also go further and use one of the richer editors like Coffecup, Notepad ++, Brackets, Notetab, or BlueGriffon. The main purpose of our HTML editor is to simplify the formation of the code of pages by specialists when developing resources or filling them with content. This editor significantly speeds up this process and makes it possible to immediately visually see the result with a preview.

Programmers spend a lot of time writing and debugging code. In order to write working code, a simple application that can edit the text content of a file is enough. But it is difficult to write code this way, it takes a long time, and during the development process many mistakes are made, which are difficult to find later. Modern editors help to correct these shortcomings. A practical HTML code editor is simple enough for potential users to learn and can easily offer an optimal solution to the issue with layout of web pages even for an inexperienced user.

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