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Where to get italic fonts for Instagram

Italic is a natural form of writing for humans. Italics have existed since the days of ancient Greece and Rome. But in a set of body text, bold or other color will only interfere with reading. Emphasis can start to argue with headings and crush the layout. Just in such situations it is better to use italics - it fits well into the main text and does not overshadow it. Modern typographic italics evolved from handwritten cursive and minuscule that existed in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Such a font was first developed strongly in Renaissance Italy, as a result of which in a number of languages (for example, in English and French) italics are called Italian script (italic), as opposed to direct Roman.

Italic is a typeface with slanted main strokes and rounded strokes and their connections, reminiscent of handwritten text. In typography, it is used to highlight a specific part of the text. Italic is an image in the text of letters slanted (filled up) to the right. This is used to highlight text, for example, in an article about films, the names of films can be italicized so that you can easily understand which movie the article is about without reading the entire article.

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