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How to choose the right name for a ship

There is such a proverb - as you name a ship, so it will float. The name is also taken from what is associated with the ship, its owner or captain, or the people who will sail on it. For example, the owners of the ships named them after their kings and patrons, others after the gods. The military called the ships the catchy names Triumph, Victory. Nothing prevented the private owner from naming the ship after his wife. People try to give the ships sonorous and beautiful names. It's another matter that these very names are not euphonious in all languages.

Coming up with a name for a yacht is a very responsible matter, not inferior in importance to the choice of the vessel itself. Since ancient times, the name of the ship was given great importance. The ship must have had its own patron, who protected it from the troubles that lie in wait on the high seas. The name often used the names of mythical creatures or animals, whose properties were endowed with the ship. They were given the names of saints, gods and other creatures who could become the patrons of the ship. Currently, the names of yachts and boats are given a slightly different principle, although someone still adheres to traditions. The name of the yacht should be beautiful, unusual, standing out from the background of many other names. But let's try to figure out how to choose the right name for your ship.

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