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* The hexadecimal format uses the following characters: 123456789ABCDEF

How to convert Hex to ASCII

Step 1

Enter or paste your number in hexadecimal format in the first field

Step 2

Click the button to convert the number format to the ASCII text

Step 3

Now you can copy or download the resulting text in ASCII format

What is Hex and what is ASCII

Number systems are one of the most important foundations of computer science. Almost no school or university skips this topic, but often it is with the translation of the hexadecimal system that many have problems, although this is not such a difficult task, and its translation is practically no different from other number systems. In hexadecimal notation, one character displays numbers from zero to sixteen. In order not to compose new representations of numbers, decided to use the letters of the Latin alphabet: A, B, C, D, E, F. The computer works in a binary system. But it is very difficult for a person to analyze the world of zeros and ones. Therefore, they resort to radix 8 and 16 systems to shorten the notation. Here we must remember: one octal digit replaces three binary ones. After all, two to the third power is equal to eight.

ASCII is the abbreviation for the American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII is an encoding representing decimal digits, national and Latin alphabets, control characters, and punctuation marks. Originally 7-bit, ASCII with the spread of the 8-bit byte has come to be positioned as half of the 8-bit. Computers are more likely to use ASCII extensions using the second half byte. The ubiquitous distribution of computers and means of exchanging textual information required the development of a unified coding standard for the transmission and storage of information. This standard was developed in the USA in 1963. The 128-character table was named ASCII - American standard code for information interchange.

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