CSV to JSON Converter

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How to convert CSV to JSON

Step 1

Enter or paste CSV text in the first field. In some cases, you can also upload an CSV file.

Step 2

Click on the convert button and check the result. If the source is correct, the conversion will be successful.

Step 3

You can copy the resulting JSON, or if you prefer, you can download it as a JSON file.

What is CSV and what is JSON

CSV files are compressed tabular data, each cell of which is separated from the adjacent, in the most common case, a comma. Hence the name - comma separated values. There are three types of cell delimitation and, accordingly, three formats: The ability to create a CSV file from an Excel spreadsheet allows you to convert documents into the desired format for uploading to any systems, for example, outlook, Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica and much more. With the help of csv files, it is possible to represent tables of any databases, since the syntax of this format is as simple as possible and will be understandable to almost anyone who comes across it. All table records from the database, when converted to csv format, are converted to strings. Table cells on these lines are separated by commas or semicolons.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a textual data interchange format. In fact, it is used not only for transmission, but also for storing data. JSON is a text file used to store and transmit a well-structured data stream: numbers, strings, and arrays of objects, expressed in plain text. This format is human readable. Initially, it had a close relationship with JavaScript, but with the increase in the number of supported software APIs, it is currently not customary to tie it to a specific programming language. Compared to XML, it is more concise and takes up less space. In addition, all browsers have built-in tools for working with JSON. It allows you to represent in text form both a single number or string, and complex structures, for example, arrays with data. The use of this recording format is convenient because it is readable and intuitive, at the same time it allows you to store very complex data structures.

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