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How towns are named

Many names, simple and understandable to contemporaries of cities, for us remain just a set of sounds. But it is not so difficult to unearth the truth. During the settlement, some peoples met with other peoples, gradually assimilating them. Therefore, one should not be surprised that the names of many ancient cities contain borrowings from the languages of those peoples who lived on the territory of future settlements before the annexation of their lands.

Typical for the United States are cities that repeat the names of European capitals. This is due to the specifics of life in the States - there are a lot of immigrants who named their new place of residence like the previous one. This is how the American Boston appeared (in Great Britain there is also Boston, it is located in Lincoln County), Paris in the state of Texas, London (and there are five of them in America - in the states of Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, California, Ontario), about 16 Petersburgs, one of which is named after the former Leningrad. There are many settlements in America that have been named after prominent political figures. For example, Dallas, named after the 11th Vice President of the United States, Houston (after the President of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston).

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