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How to convert JSON to CSV

Step 1

Enter or paste JSON text in the first field. In some cases, you can also upload an JSON file.

Step 2

Click on the convert button and check the result. If the source is correct, the conversion will be successful.

Step 3

You can copy the resulting CSV, or if you prefer, you can download it as a CSV file.

What is JSON and what is CSV

A standard text format called JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation, is responsible for representing structured data based on JavaScript syntax. JSON is a textual information format developed on the basis of JavaScript, but independent of it, the purpose of which is to exchange data between different applications or even programming languages. It is used in almost all large projects, especially on sites using Ajax technology. Compatible with many programming languages. This category of files is designed for the specific purpose of allowing data exchange between programs and applications, regardless of the language in which they are developed. A JSON file identifies sets of objects, keys, and values, effectively using the JavaScript-based JSON scripting language and universally integrated into the applications with which it is compatible. On the web, people often ask the question of how to open JSON. First of all, JSON files are a text format. They are opened using ordinary editors.

The CSV file contains a table with data in plain text format. In the file, each table record is represented by a separate line, and each field of this line is separated from other fields by a special separator - a comma. CSV is a file format that is supported by many applications. .CSV files are often used to import / export tabular data between two different computer programs, for example, between a database and a spreadsheet. It is a plain text file that can be opened with Notepad, Word, or Excel. It is a very popular format and is often used to create and exchange tabular data. Also, users may face a problem with the correct display of files in the editor. If you open such a file using standard programs, they may incorrectly recognize the encoding and the results will be presented as just a set of letters, numbers or symbols. If you need to pull some information into an Excel sheet from your company's database, the first idea that comes to mind is to export the database to a CSV file and then import the CSV file to Excel.

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