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How to convert ASCII to Hex

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What is ASCII and what is Hex

It often happens in the practice of creating web applications, and when creating a design, it is necessary to insert some kind of special symbol, for example, copyright, copyright, an arrow, etc. For this, ascii codes are used, which are inserted into the text of the HTML code. In fact, this is really not a particularly difficult topic - it is enough to understand the essence once, and then, if necessary, you can use the ASCII / Hex / Bin tables of character values, or convert using the appropriate utilities or built-in functions in programming languages. If you have a gap in this knowledge, then this article should help you.

ASCII (from the English American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is the American standard code for information interchange. ASCII is presented in the form of a table of printable characters and some special control characters, each character has a unique code in the range from [0; 255]. ASCII is an encoding for decimal, Latin and Cyrillic, punctuation and control characters. The standard ASCII character set uses only 7 bits for each character. Adding an 8th bit increases the number of ASCII codes to 255. Codes 128 to 255 are an extension of the ASCII table. These codes are used to encode the characters of national alphabets, as well as pseudo-graphic characters, which can be used, for example, to design various frames and text tables in the text.

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