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Why do I need a privacy policy

We decided to take this step, because this form of the Policy does not provide for the processing of personal data, and as a result does not imply a large variability of the solution. It is important to remember that it is not suitable for sites that process personal data. For example, online stores and other services on which, in addition to a phone number or email, the user additionally provides other information about themselves, require more attention to the processing of personal data. Confidentiality is the non-disclosure of information or any data. When we talk about confidential information, they mean secret data or data that can only be used by certain individuals and for specific purposes.

Privacy policy and its creation may not seem like the most exciting process, but people turn to it when they have any questions. If the information page is poorly designed, it undermines trust and gives the impression that the company is not so worried about the well-being of its customers. If your site has any form of data collection - feedback, newsletter subscription, registration or personal account, this is considered the processing of personal data. In this case, you are required to obtain consent to the processing of personal data and post a link to your policy regarding the processing of personal data so that a person can familiarize himself with it, agree and only then inform you of his data.

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